The panel of judges will score each entry on the following criteria and their decision will be final.


Business Challenge / Pain Points Addressed

What business challenge being addressed & how well does the concept answer them?

Concept / Technology Originality / Innovation

Is the concept unique or does have an original adaption of technology? How innovative is the idea?

Business Impact

Impact on the target audience and real business value.

Use of MOTOTRBO Ion or Motorola Solutions Technology

How essential is MOTOTRBO Ion (i.e. radio, Android PDA and camera) to the concept.


Road to Market / Easy to Pilot

How “ready” for market is the concept. Is there a business model?



Is there a plan for scaling?

Presentation & Pitch

Is the pitch well delivered, convincing and concept easy to understand?

Special Bonus Points

  • Idea to link up with traditional MOTOTRBO radio
  • The App is tailor-made for MOTOTRBO Ion
  • App demonstration together with the pitch during the presentation day 
  • The App is bilingual
    (English + Traditional Chinese)
The Panel of Judges

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