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Join the Motorola Solutions App Challenge 2021 to make an App for MOTOTRBO Ion – a device that turns on a world of data and application capabilities.

The MOTOTRBO Ion is the first business-ready device with all-on voice and broadband capabilities. Clear, reliable transmission with colleagues is one of the most important factors in a communication system – can you make it even better?

In this year’s challenge, we’re looking for Apps that address the following industry categories: Hospital and Warehouse.

Your App should specifically deal with operational issues such as keeping workers safe; improve work performance, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity; and resolve pain points for industry customers.

01  Hospital

02  Warehouse

Smart New Ideas
To Change the Industries

The Motorola Solutions App Challenge 2021 aims to find industry software developers and radio channel partners to devise Apps for the MOTOTRBO Ion.

Explore the MOTOTRBO Ion

Working on an open application ecosystem on the Android platform with Motorola Solutions latest technology, we’re looking for new smart ideas for Android Apps that will enhance the functionality of the MOTOTRBO Ion in the following industry categories – Hospital and Warehouse.


The App for the MOTOTRBO Ion will deal with operational issues within the above industry categories, and assists every users on:

  • Keeping workers safe
  • Improve work performance, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity
  • Resolve pain points for industry customers

After successful registration, each participant/team has two months to brainstorm and plan for the best App for the MOTOTRBO Ion.


Submit a full presentation deck including your entire concept with innovative ideas together with the App system architecture diagram, and the extensive capabilities of your proposed App.


We will be available for any technical questions along the way on the MOTOTRBO Ion, and this inaugural challenge will be an ongoing contest as a way for us to invest in the skills and minds of the community.


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Grand Prizes

Winner in Each
Entry Category

01  Hospital

02  Warehouse

Key Dates



AUG 16  –  SEP 3


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Orientation Day


SEP 10 –  NOV 9

Challenge Start & Submission

Submit your system architecture diagram, and presentation deck

Challenge Guidelines


NOV 10 – NOV 15

Finalists Screening & Selection

See more about challenge judging criteria

Judging Criteria


NOV 16 & NOV 17

Finalists Presentation & Pitching


NOV 18

Winner Announcement


2021 NOV 18  – 2022 FEB 17 

App Production & Deployment

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